Our world is precious and we should do all we can to look after it.

The fashion industry is acknowledged to be one of the world’s biggest polluters.

This is the reason why we also supply sustainably sourced garments produced from BCI cotton, organic cotton or recycled cotton fabrics

In doing so, we feel that we are able to play our small part in reducing the negative environmental impact of the industry.

BCI Cotton

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) is the world’s leading sustainability programme for cotton. Farmers are encouraged to minimise the harmful use of pesticides on their crop and phase out the most hazardous ones.

Farmers are supported to use water in an environmentally sustainable way. They are also encouraged to enhance biodiversity on the land under cultivation and adopt best practices for the growing, harvest, storage and transport of the cotton.

This broad based programme provides a diversified approach to producing cotton in a sustainable way.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton refers to cotton grown without the use of conventional fertilisers for the land under cultivation. The soil is kept healthy through crop rotation and fertilised using organic matter.

The crops are not treated with pesticides and both the growing and the harvesting process are carried out using natural processes.

Recycled Cotton

The textile industry generates vast amounts of cutting waste as a by-product of the manufacturing process. Recycled cotton production consists of using cotton fabric waste (offcuts) and strengthening it with polyester (recycled from discarded PET bottles) to create a high-performing recycled pre-dyed yarn that can then be turned into any garment.

The use of recycled cotton reduces the environmental pollution created by plastic bottles and fabric waste ending in landfills. It also reduces water usage as the cotton fabric does not require further dyeing.