Herbert Baker

Herbert Baker was a masterful craftsman, architect and artist. His designs were made to last, so future generations could enjoy their people-friendly nature and great beauty.

His remarkable attention to detail and his passion for traditional, sustainable and local craftsmanship are symbols of love and care.
When something is made with care, you can feel and sense its value and meaning. Everything Herbert Baker created and designed, from the grandiose to the everyday, was delicately and lovingly shaped, using only the best/finest local materials. Today we are proud to recreate his original designs, so his passion for traditional craftsmanship can live on.

Herbert Baker always designed furniture that was tailored to each building or owner that it would belong to; a personal, bespoke touch that has inspired us to add a unique element to every piece we create – from our family to yours.

Whilst Herbert was responsible for designing some of the most iconic buildings in the UK, including the Bank of England, his commitment to using his design-skills to create memorials which lovingly honour those we’ve lost is part of his legacy that his great-great children think most proudly of.
‘Made to last, with love.’